About this Web Site

I started taking pictures when I was in the Army in Germany. My first camera was a Pentax K1000 film SLR with manual everything. We had a darkroom in our barracks and I cut my teeth using chemicals in the dark. I had a long break from photography after the Army in which life and sport interfered. I never lost my interest though and, many years later, I re-discovered my passion with Digital Photography. This site is a way of showing the results of my attempts to master my hobby again and display the wonderful countryside around my home.

I am influenced by the work of Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish and David Ward, I try very hard to emulate, but not copy their work.

The Galleries have collections of images from Landscape, Coastal and Urban to Macro and Animals.

In the Blog you'll find ramblings of the stuff I get up to, both the mundane and the barely interesting.

You can get in touch with me using the Contact Form or via the Facebook Link in the footer . If you like this site please share it with your friends using the icons in the menu at the bottom of the page.

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