Bilbao 2023

The largest city in the Basque region

Aste Nagusia

Every year in Bilbao, they celebrate everything Bilbao and Basque. For 9 days Marijaia holds up her arms to the sky in search of festivities. For 9 days hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets and do just that. From traditional Basque folk music and dancing to Philharmonic, Rock, Rap and Reggae music. From traditional Basque Herri Kirolak sports to Chess and Water Polo.

And then, of course, there is food and drink and a lot of fun. We tried to keep up, but it was very hard work.

Bilbao Casco Viejo

The old town of Bilbao is an excellent place to lose yourself, with many bars all selling Pintxos (local Tapas), beer and Txacoli (slightly sparkling white wine).