Monasterio de Piedra 2023

Two days at a most beautifully converted Monastery in Aragon

The Monastery was built defensively to support Christian faith in a mainly Muslim area. Construction started in 1195 and completed in 1219. The Monastery is at the confluence of the Ortiz and Piedra rivers in one of the most barren areas of Spain.

In 1835 the Monastery was closed down and the Church was destroyed. In 1840 a wealthy merchant, discovering such a verdant cool place, bought the Monastery. His son later landscaped the park creating extra walk ways, starting the first fish farm in Spain and creating the Hotel & Spa by converting the Monastery buildings.

The Park, in addition to natural caves, grottos and waterfalls, has many man made tunnels, cascades and lakes. The lakes support the fish farm and act as a local reservoir. Due to the natural filtering properties of the rock the water is very clear.